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Digial Marketing in Ormond Beach and Central Florida

PeekSites FAQ

I’m on a budget. Isn’t all this expensive?

Not at all.  Getting online with a fantastic looking site is more affordable than ever.  And digitally marketing your business is very cost effective considering how many people you can touch.  When you engage a competent and professional online marketing service, you can get a lot of peeks for a relatively small investment.


What is Responsive web design? Why does that matter?

Responsive web sites are ones that resize and adjust according to the device.  That way your site retains ease of viewing and function for the user on computers, tablets and smartphones.   More people now view the web through tablets and smartphones than on computers.  This is why a responsive site is a necessity.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization.  It is the process of building a website so it includes the key marketing words in the content of the website as well as the structure.  It is vitally important that your website be built with optimized SEO in order for Google and other search engines to be able to find it and put it high on the search pages.

Why do I need to market my website?

It used to be that your domain name was considered everything.  If people could just remember it, you were home free.  Not true anymore.  There is so much noise on the web, that you cannot just put a website up and hope someone remembers the domain name.  Search engines how the way people find you it is important to push your online product through marketing to reach new customers.

Why Should I Use Peeksites?

Our dedication to

A. Modern, expandable and secure design

B.  Our options to market your site with an experienced team

C.  We are real people with whom you can talk and consult in your project